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Question on Lube from a Writer
Hi guys,

I just read an informational article by a gay man for people who are writing gay sex. Some of his information doesn't match what I've read on forums like this so I thought I'd ask.

1. How much prep does a bottom need? I've always heard that you need to make that lovely place user friendly with tongue and fingers, 1, 2 and maybe 3 so there is no discomfort. This fella says, nope. Just lube up and jump on.

2. How much lube? He says just lube the top's cock. That doesn't sound comfortable since the anus doesn't make lube like a vagina does.

So, thanks for any information you can provide. I'm always interested in learning and writing my gentlemen as truthfully as possible. Smile
No, white-out does not make good lube. Trust me. Though I imagine lube would make better white-out...wait, what was the question?

Ok ok actual advice attempt, uh.... I guess everyone's different, it depends on the person. For this article author to generalize about everyone like that is pretty silly. I've heard that it's a good idea to use twice as much lube as you think you need, but you'll have to hear from some of the more experienced members here
Uhh I don't even need lube Mooning
Most porns do the tonguing and oral. And nifty dose all the fingers Big Grin
Tho lube just makes stuff glide on in with little to no friction >.<
I guess I'm just a relaxed guy
RainbowMuse Wrote:That doesn't sound comfortable since the anus doesn't make lube like a vagina does.

Actually there is lots of mucus up there, just like in your nose >.<
So there's plenty of lubrication for butt seks
It really depends on the guy. Some guys need LOTS of lube some guys just a little extra slick is all you need. There's no canned premade answer, you have to play with your man and feel him out and listen to what he likes and you get to know his needs.

The relative sizes of the pieces make a difference too. Big insertion into a tight hole, more lube is needed, small insertion into a loose hole, not much needed etc.

Loosening up with tongue and fingers helps the bottom relax but unless you have really thick fingers the actual penis is going to open him up more so it needs to go in slowly at first, let him relax his muscles and let it in, then you can gently start moving and as he gets used to it work up to a rythm he's comfortable with.

My suggestion is do research, a lot of research, it's fun, and it will make your writing much better.Evilgrin1

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
George Orwell
i heard ur not supposed to use too much lube
There are guys who use a bit of spit and they are ready... There are guys who own a corner on the KY market... Different fellows have different needs.

My 3rd partner was a very, um, gushy sort of fellow. He produced a ton of pre-ejaculate, the need for lube was almost non-existent - as long as I teased him for a minute or two to get his juices flowing before we... um.. you know.

Of course I should have insisted on condoms - but I was in love soooo.... And young, and dumb and full of..................................

Assuming condom that comes pre-lubed, that is about all the lube the average session needs. Its not much, just enough to slick things up a bit. On average. Some guys just can't relax into it, others are too tight, then who you are with and what he is packing... I understand that larger is not necessarily more fun...

As for cleansing, different people have different needs. IF your constitution is regular as clockwork and you eat a diet that results in healthy stool (not to soft, not too hard - you know Goldilocks stool - just right) then one doesn't often have to do all sorts of prep work. A shower - mostly.

But lets face it, a lot of guys who are willing to stick there face they're into raunchy a wee bit... or a whole hella lot.

If one has regular sex, one adapts to where less lube is needed. If its irregular or it has been since the last fucking century since you have been with someone, then you will need more lube to get back into the swing of things...

Fingering is an artform, starts off with one and works its way up to three or the whole arm up to the elbow... depends on where we are going with this. The Whole Arm routine usually requires grease - lots of grease.... Or so what few horror movies, I mean porn movies, I have seen that cover that subject....

Like it or not, most men have average sized endowments... Average is 6.25 inches long an about 1.25 inches in diameter.... Really, not that large... so the anus can adapt readily to accept that minor amount of 'hardage'....
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
As much or as little as the bottom wants to use

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