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Rant of the day!
What has got on your nerves today or made you angry?
An eye for an eye
Hello favorite thread.
My rant is that my bus home didn't turn up and I had to wait half an hour for the next bus which was full.
An eye for an eye
Once again I have to fix something for dinner. why, oh why, can't the roomie do it for once, or for a week, or for a MONTH??!!!
I bid NO Trump!
The big boss guy at the department I work at now.
He barelly interacts with us on the floor, but today he decided to do so. And he was such an asshole Tongue
Gonna change to the cantina soon probably, but not because of that guy. I'm just not cut out for that kind of work, I mostly just watch the others do most of the work Tongue
Got over charged at a shop, I didn't notice until I got home.
An eye for an eye

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