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Rare monkeypox-related illness that causes brain inflammation reported in Colorado
Rare monkeypox-related illness that causes brain inflammation reported in Colorado

By John Daley - 09/17/2022

A rare monkeypox case has been reported in Colorado.

A man from Colorado was one of two cases in the U-S of monkeypox-associated encephalomyelitis— a rare condition associated with the virus that causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.  The other case was in Washington D.C. 

CU Anschutz scientist Dr. Dan Pastula published a report with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “basically to get the word out to clinicians that this, while very rare, can happen.”
He said both men were hospitalized and later released.

“It seems like these pox viruses, in rare cases, can do this,” said Pastula, Associate Professor of Neurology, Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. “But again, I think it's emphasized that this is rare and not run of the mill. Most people with the current monkeypox virus have mild symptoms, and a mild rash, but that rash can be both contagious and painful.”

Pastula urged that it’s important “ not to panic about this, but to take it seriously.”
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