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Real or fake
Okay, game time!, i'm bored and sitting alone so lets begin the rules are i'm gonna tell you five facts, 3 are real 2 are fake lets begin =)

One, I have a problem with myself, i always see myself as fat, when i'm really not.

Two, I'm abit bi-Curious, i kiss pretty girls too see if i'm still gay.

Three, I'm a very passionate with love, i'll go all the way to make my man love me 10x more.

Four, If i'm mad i'll hold a grudge aggasint that person for a year or two.

Five, If i meet a new friend online or offline i consider them my real friend no matter what.

Okay 2 of them are fake 3 of them are real goodluck Big Grin

- Jesse
I'll say 2 and 5 are fake. Complete guess though.
1 and 4 are fake.
unsure why, just a feeling
2 and 4 are fake
why? we have spoken
I'd say 1, 3 and 5 are real, 2 and 4 are fake?
I say 1 and 4 are fake, they just don't sound like you from what I have seen.
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There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met ~ Gonzo
1&4. This game is easier in its more common form: 2 truths and a lie. :p
1&4 are lies. Just a guess...

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Hrmm pretty interesting 1&4 are fake =)

2,3,5 are real =)

Thanks for playing this was really fun Wink
So is this over? Or can we post our own facts?

Okay, I will post mine since the op is gone, and if he comes back and says I can't I will remove this post.

1) Once I am mad at someone, I hold a grudge forever.
2) I love being the center of attention.
3) I was valedictorian of my high school.
4) I am cautious of any compliment someone pays me, because I believe they have a sinister motive and are trying to hurt me.
5) I hate animals.

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