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Recurring, Shared dream
Okay, I'm encountering quite a few people that are having similar recurring dreams. I'm working on setting up a scheduled chat to get some of us together to compare notes.

The dreams seem to be post apocalyptic in nature and, involve a warehouse, gymnasium, cave and/or school where there are some sick and dying and, some of us taking the lead on survival or spiritual skills.

I'm hoping to get the chat going in about two weeks. If you have had this sort of dream, and would like to be invited to the chat, I have set up an email address just for this. Please email me via the link in my profile here.
I'm hosting a chat on this topic this evening at 7:00 PM Pacific time. It by invitation only. I'll keep an eye on my PM box here, if you are interested PM me for a link to the chat and the password, as well as a few guidelines.
My recurring ones lately is just water everywhere again.
I dream of tidal waves more than I like. I hate those.

I used to dream of an alien invasion (I only saw the crafts which were huge and made a piercing shriek as they flew overhead and destroying everything, but don't recall ever seeing the aliens, at least not in the recurring ones), but I don't recall dreaming of those in years.
Hmm, perhaps the water related dreams are an element of this some of us aren't dreaming? Maybe each of us that has seemingly related dreams is "seeing" different parts of the same events?
too much TV.
writerken Wrote:too much TV.

Yeah that explains it. I suppose you plagiarize because you watch TV and can't think for yourself either.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I might buy the too much TV, if I actually watched more than an hour or so a week - I don't so not buying that excuse.

Plenty of other possibilities though, but I guess you have to be open minded to think of them all. Tongue
My dreams (nightamres) usually consist of some type of ruin structure (building/city/something metal) and fire is involved and im always running from something/someone... I also hada reaccuring dream a past event that never happened to me involving a park but that wasnt abad dream.
More details this time ,the walls are a dark yellow,only illuminated by my torch, (fire torch) the square statue heads that serve as a fountain , turned into soldiers , dead drowned one,floating past face down.

This is not at all like the Tsunami dreams I had of Japan , where there were Lego cars and truck.
No bedding or cars nothing just water everywhere.

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