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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Not sure if I have ever said it here before but most likely I have at some point.... my thing..Chaka Khan is my favorite artist of all time. I love her....follow her on facebook...and I am a pretty die hard fan where I spend a lot of time talking her up on the R&R Hall of Fame sites..and for the second year in a row...she is nominated.....

I had an orgasm immediately.....

...and you can vote for whoever you want of course...or not vote at all..but if you feel like throwing Chaka a vote or two...I am pretty sure she is God and you will be rewarded in heaven (OK...maybe not..but I am pretty sure if there really IS a God..her name Is Chaka Khan)

.....the 1970s....

...just in case you don't know her.....
I forgot the link to vote

I have been voting for YES and The Zombies and Joan Baez too.....
I have to keep boosting this until the beginning of December..I put this up in a few places hoping to get visitors..alot of people stop by here so if even one in 50 do is worth it...

So...Chaka has collaborated and performed with soooooooooooooooooo many people,,,it is amazing....

This was Chaka's song in 1978 and Whitney did it again in the 80s...

...and (sadly)....before Whitney died....

One of the tributes to Chaka...

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