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Rodney Dangerfield's one liners
[Image: rodney_dangerfield.jpg]

Some of you may or may not know who he is. He's a legend to comedy and he's known for his one liners and movies. I'm not going to write biography about him since he's best documented elsewhere and the point of this thread is for you to read his one liners. Plus I want to know what your opinion about his one liners and I want to know if you think they're funny.

[Image: Rodney-Dangerfield.jpg]

Funny One Liners

[Image: Valentine+Kisses+2004+2lOdftT9qWKm.jpg]

They're all there in that link. There's so many of 'em, it would be impossible to choose the best ones for this thread.
i honestly cant remember his stuff but i knew he was the bug eyed guy when i read the thread at first - i know ive laughed at his tv stuff but just cant think what ive seen him in without using wikki, hope someone can post stuff hes been in
Hey everybody we're gonna get laid " Cady Shack"

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