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Ruin you wish!!
Have you played this? is really funny. You need some darkhumor

1)i make a wish
2)you say granted but then add something awfull to it
3)you make a wish
and so onexemple:

i want to be a millionare!
-Granted!! but youre enjailed becaused you robbed a bank
(then the ruining person makes a wish)

So who's going to ruinmy wish?

Granted!! but he lives in a country far away

I wish I had an Aston Martin
Granted! ....although.... it was discovered at the bottom of lake after being submerged for a number of years.

I wish, I didn't have any student loans...
Granted, however; you must commit your life to me.

I wish I could go to Europe
granted.... but you got bumped at the last minute.

I wish my partner wouldnt' cheat on me.
Granted, but you'll have to be with a guy like me : ) hope you don't mind that. lol

I wish it'd rain today
Granted! but its gonna flood your basement!!

I wish I could fly ..
Granted, however you're flying due to me pushing you off an airplane without any parachutes. : )

I wish I can conquer and thrive to survive and prosper!
Granted , However you must do so with your worst enemy.:biggrin:

I wish I had the power to heal.
Granted! but you can only heal dead people

Since Im already bilingual .. I wish I was trilingual

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