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Schools and gay culture
I have to agree with Sweetlad on this one. When I was out drinking once a guy who I was chatting to asked me if I was gay. I asked him how many people he asked if they were straight on a daily basis, he said none. I think if you are gay or bi its almost as if your'e carrying around a guilty secret which you have to confess. It would be nice if we lived in a society were we could be honest about our sexuality without cosequences. In the present era I would not reccomend a schoolchild to come out. It is a serious thing to do and has far reaching consequences. Of cousre it depends on the emotional maturity of the child but I think for most it is better left to a time when the individual can accept the consequences.
I think people ask the question sparky because it goes to the old saying " we know what curiosity killed"

kindest regards

zeon x
I've never got that why did curiosity kill the cat?
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
Please don't feel that coming is bad, its not, but its not always the best way to go around about it, especially if your a school kid. Kids today have been brought up through tv and such to take the mickey out of people who are different, e.g. just look at how Big Brother has turned out, and even comedy on tv has gone that way..
Im not saying comming out is a bad thing I just think you have to be old enough to deal with the consequences should they be negative and unfortunately they often are. I am personnaly out to friends and family and have found it a positive experience. I know others who have said it is the most difficult thing they have gone through in their lives.
Thats true sparky.. I think if your mind isnt strong to accept a little bit of backlash or even a great amount then it may make you crumble.. I think some people make find it easier not to tell but live the life they enjoy.. I tried to keep it a secret but couldnt any longer

kindest regards

zeon x
I'm bisexual, and I'm out, but now half my family class me as the same as a pedo which is pissing me off every xmas when I have to see them.

Thats the world we live in, which is a great shame!

How do you think a school kid is going to deal with that sort of crap, and its getting worser these days too!
Hi sweet babes,
If you want to play them at their own game if they class you as a pedophile remind them that 95% of cases where children are violated by an adult/pedophile it is first off someone they know such as a family friend or relative and secondly it is done by hetrosexual men.. My brother calls me a pedophile and i tell him his the nonse for wanting to be with girls that are just legal....

He doesnt like it when these facts come out but its a true fact kids are abused mainly by hetrosexual men and women not homosexual men and women

kindest regards

zeon x

p.s if they take that view on nyou mister then they are not family thats what i informed my relatives who chose that path
Cheers for that mate.

I had to bring that up because thats how a lot of people are thinking at the moment, which is a shame, and scary for younger people coming out!
i dont know y people think coz someone is gay they gonna abuse kids./.... hello gay ppl dont want em

kindest regards

zeon x

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