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Schools and gay culture
zeon Wrote:... If you want to play them at their own game if they class you as a pedophile remind them that 95% of cases where children are violated by an adult/pedophile it is first off someone they know such as a family friend or relative and secondly it is done by hetrosexual men.. My brother calls me a pedophile and i tell him his the nonse for wanting to be with girls that are just legal....

He doesnt like it when these facts come out but its a true fact kids are abused mainly by hetrosexual men and women not homosexual men and women ...
I'm always worried when I see unsubstantiated statistics being bandied around like this, zeon. What is the source of your data?

This study shows a far less clear-cut picture than the one you seem to be suggesting where, for example "incestuous abuse of females was exclusively heterosexual, and 2 out of 3 cases of incestuous abuse of males was homosexual"

SpringerLink - Journal Article
is springerlink an american thing?????
zeon Wrote:is springerlink an american thing?????
The research is credited to Gloria J Fischer of Washington State University. I was looking for some other research I found on the web once, but couldn't locate it this time. I merely referenced this study as an example of the kind of research that calls your figures into question.

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