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Secret Santa
I have an idea that I am borrowing from another forum of mine. It is called Secret Santa and it is about the time of the year to get this going.

If you are interested, here are the details:
Everyone has until December 1st to sign up. That way I can send out names on the 1st, and then everyone has a week or two to get a gift together.

Max Gift Cost:
$20 (not including shipping) recommended - that's how much we usually do.

Gift Ideas:
The best thing to do is to do some research on the person you get assigned and customize and pick the gift accordingly.

Send me a message with your name and shipping address if you're in!

The only thing I don't like about this is handing out my shipping address. If people want to, thats up to them, but I don't feel comfortable.

I remember PA last year did something similar, but it was just finding a online pic or card that you posted on the thread for whoever you got.
I have not gotten any further messages on whether or not this is something any of you would do.... If it it please let me know prior to Dec. 1 so I can get it going.

Thanks!!! Smile
Thanks for the thought Airborn, but I don't think it's catching on... maybe too many of us who wish to remain fairly anonymous... ??? It was not I who initiated the Secret Santa for others, Doug, but Genersis, if I remember rightly. That could be done again. The idea, Airborn, if you want to take it up was to enroll for the Secret Santa and someone (YOU, maybe? or Genersis) kept the list of people interested. He then asked each person to choose a number out of the number of people he had enrolled then let us all know secretly who that other person was, so that we'd save them a little INTERNET surprise for Xmas... We were ablt to PM that person with the surprise we'd thought out for them. It could be a card, or a link to a YouTube, or any other thing of interest. No money was involved. It didn't cost anyone anything...
I think it is a wonderful idea , however I am not sure how others will feel about giving out their mailing address, as we have so many young members here who still live at home.
*Digs up thread*

I agree with most people that i don't think giving out addresses, is a good idea.
Especially when we can have good free fun without doing so.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
On one board I have posted at for well over 10 years we had "The Adventures of Skippy the Kangaroo"...he started off in Perth Australia and went around the world and at each destination everyone took Skippy around and took pictures of him as he went sightseeing. It was fun.
Genersis Wrote:*Digs up thread*

I agree with most people that i don't think giving out addresses, is a good idea.
Especially when we can have good free fun without doing so.Confusedmile:

I remember that now...didnt' connect the dots...getting old:biggrin:
East Wrote:I remember that now...didnt' connect the dots...getting old:biggrin:
"getting old"?
We're talking about the same "East" here, right?:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
to be honest i wouldnt mind doing it I have to admit I mean ifg someone wants to travel round the bloody world to knock at my door and probably notice i am not actually in id be flattened Smile I think the real annoymitty comes with people needing to address the parcel name to the user forum for example

Pearly Gates estate
69 Letsby avenue

Imagen that arriving on your door step and the postman knows or could be worse could call your ID

Big scary mary in a rubber bondage mask! lol

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