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Sex of the anal type.
Yep that's how it works... Practice... lol.
I was a bit stupid. I thought I kind of have to do it. Before I only felt quite painful but sometimes recently I enjoyed it a bit. Lubrication and some preparation is needed I think. And I only find it fun with mid sized dk, not too big too long. I don't really fancy one big long dk though. Medium size is enough..haha..
i guess it can and can't, personal experinces for me go with toys lol, the only man i've ever had full "intercorse with" well, lets say he wasn't big down there and it didn't really enter -.-

SO i have no experince with boys forcing it in lol, but i used to have a toy a while ago (its gone now Sad ) and it wasn't small to say the least, and it may be because i was doing it to msyelf, but it never hurt, and it felt REALLY good

now with an x (female) we once had it, sort of like on accident (humping in bed went into wrong hole and she just went along with it) at first it was like an experiment she liked, but then i guess i pressed to hard or tried to quick, i dunno, and she said it didnt' quite hurt, but felt funny, and she didn't like it

i guess it just depends on the receiver

...i really do miss that toy, being single sucks Sad

i can't describe how it feels specifically, i can tell you it feels like nothing else i ever felt before, apparently there are allot of nerve endings in there or somthing and i loved it, if your worried, always try toys, its a great way to get started and maybey open up a little
I never went beyond fingers and toys with my ex, never bottomed. I have germaphobe OCD issues to get over, more than any pain issues haha.
It seems like my interest for anal sex goes up and down. I have been in relationships where I have been the top as well as the bottom and I have really enjoyed both. There is just something so special about being inside my partner and feeling the reactions that he makes as I am inside him. Yet on the flipside I have really enjoyed having a cock inside me and it just feels so amazing.
Absolutely. I never imagined I (or my bf) would enjoy it as much as we do.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
My partner and I love anal sex. It took us a long time before we did and the biggest part of the discovery process was finding a position which was comfortable yet allowed the top to pump hard enough to cum. Use more lube than you think you will need and a condom unless you are monogamous and have been tested.

Don't worry if you can not cum. It took us a long time before we actually came during anal sex.

Also. Don't expect your anal sex experience to be like what you see in porn. It's not like that; in particular it's not that rough most of the time.
I dunno, I've had a lot of good luck with just some saliva. It does take a lot of re-wetting though. Nick's right about the right position.
I love anal sex. It hurts for a little bit when you get penetrated, but once you get into a rhythm with a guy that goes away and it feels fantastic. As far as being on top I agree with Jason74 you feel the guy you're fucking from the inside and that's really hot.

In my opinion size does matter (second only to the amount of lube you use) if you're feeling shy to the idea of bottoming start out with a smaller dick. It's much easier.
natejackson Wrote:... if you're feeling shy to the idea of bottoming start out with a smaller dick...
Presumably that involves a quick perusal of the small ads in the local paper? Rolleyes

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