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Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48
My thoughts go out to her mother and daughter.
May she rest in peace , she is finally free from her nightmare of addiction.

So tragically sad.
I'd like to say I'm surprised but I'm not. She was a trouble lady who was very talented and with no doubt inspired many of today's current artists such as Beyonce, Jeniffer Hudson the list goes on. You just have to think what her family is going through, nobody wants to die before their child.
She was a very talented woman, and it is very sad that she allowed drugs and an abusive husband to take so much of her life and her career:

im sorry to hear she has died but i guess im not surprised -i think she was a drug addict from what i remember

the human body is not meant to take goddamn man made drugs refined garbage like crack cocaine and even sugar maybe as William dufty says in his book sugar blues

now if the natives of south America chew the cocoa leafs as they've done for centuries thats maybe safe but dont know

restin peace
my sister asked me today if i knew about whitney - i dindn't but i said is she dead, its just the first thing that came to mind - its a shame she couldnt get the help she needed (but thats if she wanted it anyway)

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