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Skin care advice
I'm a little late to reply but could those dry patches be eczema? Because I had them on my face and right elbow. My doctor prescribed me with lotion containing steroid for them. The lotion works but I had to apply them often. For me, the best solution is by changing my diet.

My eczema completely disappeared during lockdowns. I thought it was strange so I went through my diet during those lockdowns. 

During those lockdowns, I stopped eating eggs and salmons (farmed) because I didn't want to go out to supermarket too much. 

I'm well aware that my skin doesn't respond well to eggs containing hormone and antibiotics. Hence I only consume organic eggs but to eliminate eczema, I have to stop eating eggs completely. Same goes with salmon. I love salmon but my skin doesn't respond well to farmed salmon so now I only eat wild caught salmon.

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