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Small Story about my dad the republican
So just as a side note I'm only putting this here because it's really not supposed to be a political conversation or debate or anything though I guess it could turn to that, I just wanted to share a lovely little story. xD

Anyway, so on his truck, my dad has an NRA bumper sticker, a GONE bumber sticker(anti-Obama obviously), He's got the don't tread on me flag, one that says, "Bring me your tired, you're poor, your legal masses," a few other irrelevent ones and a rainbow sticker with "Diversity" on it.

So a new guy at work(he works at a school) has the same NRA bumper sticker and GONE sticker. He asked my dad if the truck with all the bumper stickers was his, my dad said yes so the guy went on explaining that at work he usually backs his truck in so people won't see and complain about his bumper stickers but he was having issues doing that due to the way some other cars were parked. He noticed my dad's truck wasn't backed in and had all those stickers on it so he decided to pull in too. Then the guy said, "But I was a little confused by some of them.."

My dad asked which ones, he's also got the equality equal sign but most people don't seem to know what that one means. The guy said the Diversity one, and then he said that after thinking about it for a minute he decided it wasn't so weird to have that sticker in amongst all the others, if you say you're for the constitution and rights, etc., that means ALL of them not just the ones you want so he thought yeah, equal rights for everyone not just the gun-owners, but the gays, and trannies, etc. That's not anywhere near the exact wording he gave but it's the same point.

So I just thought it was cool. Nice to see people going against stereotypes for the better and it brightened my day a little.
Yeah, I know some conservatives like that. I believe even Ron Paul sticks for gay rights despite his not liking the gay lifestyle (rumor has it he won't even let anyone he knows is gay use his bathroom) and a great many into Ron Paul tend to support gay rights (or, more specifically, getting the government out of people's lives, however they may personally feel about gays). Unfortunately, they're a minority (like those conservatives against the USAPATRIOT Act, drug legalization, etc). And many of those who support gay marriage aren't exactly friendly to gays, they're more just about encouraging individuals to persecute gays rather than the government (that is to say, if gays want to get married, fine, the government has no business being involved in marriage anyway, but they'll still support a company to fire gays for being gay or deny a gay partner benefits, though technically they'll support a company to deny ANYONE benefits for any reason they see fit and only answerable to the shareholders and the public that might boycott them).

One libertarian friend of mine who knew I'm a lesbian (and is fine with gays) really wanted me to attend a local Tea Party gathering saying I'd love it and find many kindred spirits. I planned to go but I came down with swine flu and had to miss. He told me it was just as well because more showed up than ever before and many of the newbies came because Glenn Beck on FOX told them to. Unlike the majority of the original members they weren't so much against the bailouts and other tax abuses (TEA=Taxed Enough Already) but instead various right wing causes promoted by FOX, many of them downright authoritarian rather than libertarian. He said as he saw some with antigay signs and one guy even give a speech hateful to gays while many of the FOX zombies cheered he felt shame and gratitude that I hadn't come to see that. He got disgusted with the whole thing because FOX corrupted the movement and many of the original people allowed it because for the first time they had actual political clout and as they only cared about tax issues they were willing to accept all the new goals brought by the FOX zombies as long as tax issues weren't completely ignored and he left the Tea Party in disgust.

Still, there are Republican politicians like this that give me hope for the Republican Party:

Granted, I don't think he's gonna go far at all in the current political climate (and the Christian Right did immediately condemn him for this speech)...but it gives me hope that maybe decency will win out over hate in the end.
Isn't Ronald Regan's son gay? Wild tangent for the thread I know, but reading this made me think of that! Smile
Very nice, indeed. Smile
i think he is trying too hard. Remove all the stickers and just take credit for being your self. cheers
Thank you for sharing that Spencer Bighug
archubbycub Wrote:Isn't Ronald Regan's son gay?

Well, he's either a Ron-boy or a Nancy-boy! Rofl

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