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So I finally met somone

This is my first post here on GS and I would like some advice from you guys and gals Smile

So I joined this dating website, and finally found someone I really like, we talked on and off for about two months, and after he returned from Christmas holidays we finally met for dinner(My first date) Big Grin

It was a bit awkward at first, he seemed a bit nervous, so was I but I can hide it well lol. During dinner we both got a little more relaxed and talked more, and then after dinner we went to a bar and had a few drinks. We talked about everything from life, politics, to music and art, it was sooo romantic, very chilled night not many people, candle lights, and good background music, I finally got the courage to tell him 'I really like you' (mistake?) and he said it back (Did I pressure him?). We talked some more, and then ended the evening with a firm handshake Wink
I was thrilled when he told me he had a good time, I was just overjoyed, being my first date at 26 I just was over the clouds!!

So two days later I called him, and invited him to go to a pub quiz in the evening, he couldnt make it because he had to do something that night, BUT promised to meet me when he finishes. He called and we met up, and had an even more intimate conversation, more personal, at one point he got really emotional and sort of panicked so I held his hand to comfort him, as soon as we held hands I got a little um ehem action below the waist xD This was the first time I ever held someones hand whom i was interested in.

I again told him I really liked him, and he said it back and held my hand, and he said he wanted to take things slow and I agreed. That night We took a taxi home, before he went out we exchanged a kiss on the cheek 1luvu

So whats the problem you might ask?

Well the day after I sent him a text message "Hello, how are you ? did you sleep well last night? Smile"
He didnt reply...
Now one more day has passed and Im just burning from inside, IM SO ANXIOUS, and scared, was it the booze talking when we met?
I felt when he talked to me that he was a very sensitive person, and wanted to be loved and was afraid to give his heart away so easily...
Is he unsure of me?
Is he just being cautious?
Am I just infatuated by him?(Probably)

I mean I dont know, Im a really nice, honest guy, I would never ever hurt anyone, I just want to hold him and cuddle for hours, and not hearing his voice is for two days is driving me MAD.

Am I over reacting?

I have never felt this way about someone, all these feelings are new to me, My friends say I should just be patient and give him room, but this unbearable, I feel a strong connection with him and understanding.

UGHHH I just wish I he could give me a sign ....

What do you guys think?


Dazed and very confused!
Hi lokilol (great name for an Icelander, by the way Wink and I just have to answer someone who references Led Zeppelin in his signature Cool )

I know this is probably a very anxious time for you, but I think your friends are probably right. You are experiencing this mass of emotions for the first time and you are dealing with them. Perhaps your new friend is experiencing something similar and is having to work out how he is going to deal with them?

We all have lives outside our romantic relationships and it may be that things have come up in his that make it difficult to respond. It is also possible he is playing you, but let's not go there for the moment!

I hope you hear from him soon and that you can get on with the rest of your life till you do.

And ... welcome to GaySpeak Smile
I agree with what Marsh said; this is your first time feeling this way right? Well this is what happens Smile All the emotions are new and exciting, just remember everyone has their own lives.
Hey , thanks guys, I guess I was a just a bit frustrated...

I more relaxed now, and its true I guess I should give him more time, and slowly gain his trust and maybe love.

thanks again Big Grin
Hope everyone had a good weekend Wink
hi lokilol welcome to gs forums i agree with your friends just be patient and he will come to you.
Hello Lokilol, we talked in the chatrooms, a few days ago, I remember. Maybe your new date has been using the same dating site as you with other prospects, and maybe he's got to sort out some things before he gets back to you. I know there aren't that many prospects on the island, given the number of people of about your age and profile etc... but if the connection was really good with you, you'll probably meet again. You could also consider that maybe he did not get your text message. These things happen. We tend to forget that messages aren't always seen. So what would it cost to let him have another text message to find out if he got the previous one? Good luck with this; Keep us posted. Confusedmile:
I do this every time I meet someone new. I thought it was my biggest problem. Recently, I've realized that it's just me being a hopeless romantic. Don't change. Sure it is torture when they don't respond right away or even aren't interested. (GAH!) But it makes it all worth it when you finally meet the right someone.

Also, I think dating sites are very dangerous in that you never REALLY get to know how the chemistry between the two of you works. I believe meeting people in person is a better way to go. That's just me.
Did he recently come out/start dating guys, too?
He might just be scared.
Double post, didnt realize the messages are moderated ;P
So I guess I had really big expectations Sad

@PrinceAlbert After a couple of days I sent him a message on facebook, his reply was sort of confusing and evasive "I dont know what I want ...etc..", "But I still would like to see you.."
Then I later saw him online again on a dating site, It really put me off for a few days. But hey whats life without a few setbacks Big Grin
You know Albert I think you are right, unless I'm really lucky I'll probably have to seek a bigger community outside of Iceland, but unfortunately that's not an option at the moment Sad still I'm gonna try to be optimistic about it Smile

@GoldenMane89 Yea I understand what you mean, but dating sites are probably my best option right now, given the small population in Iceland plus I havent really made many friends here (I moved to Iceland a few months ago)

@JoeyJoJo Yea I think he might be scared or maybe he's just not interested...Oh well..

Love from the cold rock up north <3

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