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So Tonight..
LOL I've got into a disgustingly bad habit of doing that, mostly because a lot of my mates work weekends, and I'm convinced my tuesday morning and thursday morning lecturers think I'm a raging alcoholic.

Which I'm not, of course... I can go at least, oh, 8 minutes without a drink. :tongue:

A man after my own heart...and all that stuff [Image: hatsoffxy7-1.gif]

LOL *feels special

Ya know...i think this is the first thread i've [Image: knGHAN_wideweb__470x2940.jpg]


Lol first for everything, as the priest said to the...

I think there's laws against finishing that sentence. Wink

[Image: rofl.gif]

Oh well Shit Happens lmao!

Never truer words [Image: 3d_emoticon_thumbUp-1.gif]

Tis very true, to be sure, to be sure.

(I have an irishman joke I can't say in this part of the forum, dammit!)

:tongue: xxx
I hadda check what part of the forum this was again Rolleyes

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