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So Tonight..
Lol I nearly forgot, just occured to me before I posted it. o.O

There is the humour section [Image: snacking.gif]

Lol tempted, but I'll save it for another time in another section, better when it comes as a surprise. XD

[Image: thinking.gif] i spose so!

On a completely unrelated note, do you like Placebo?

Currently listening to slash creaming all over Nancy Boy, utterly hawt for that song. :tongue:

I ADORE Placebo......[Image: 3d_emoticon_thumbUp.gif] Nancy boys a great tune and Brian Molko is sooooooo hawt in the vid....the Meds album was by far their best tho!

Zomg I know, what I wouldn't do to him... but again, this section.. dammit!

And yeah, if not the best then defo one of, immense album. XD

And this song, well, put it this way, it's the kinda song you could enjoy with a guy and a bed. :tongue:

Watcha think of the cover they did of the Nine Inch Nails track "Terrible Lie" ?

I have no idea, aint heard it - worth downloading?

Totally!! Xyxthumbs its acoustic too! Another awesome covers the Pixies "where is my mind" from the Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim album!


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