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Songs that give you the hump............
Ok ur dancing the night away and totally loving the music when BOOM all of a sudden a song comes on that drives you insane.
Mine have to be
Reach-S Club 7
Come on Eileen-DMR
OMGD that Suicidal song by god knows who it is but they should be slapped in the face with a herring. This person wdnt stop playin it to me on her phone one weekend 2 me which i had to grin and bear then when i get back to london every chav 14 year old with a croydon facelift in the back of the bus is playing it on their ridiculiously loud pimped out mobile phone!!!! Aggghhhh! *head explodes*

So, yeah, Suicidal. And that milkshake song.
"Suicidal" = Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston.I loathe "Lonely" by Akon!Hate it,hate it!
oo and anything by Scooter
I always thought "Fire !" by Scooter was kinda cool, but then again I only saw it in the movie Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and compared to that movie anything was cool ... ho-hum.

For me I think it would have to be something from the 80's, as it just has no place in a club in this day and age. Remixes are generally ok, but yeah - if Come on Eileen started playing, I'd be outta thar.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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