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Spiritual Gardening
Last time I maintained my own actual web presence was with AOL and Geocities. LOL So I'm afraid faceback, IG are all I deal with anymore. I did see this interested site you may have already known about...Good Luck sorting it out Mike.
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I should be ok, spent the day off and on setting up another wordpress install. At home I have a "server" that I use for various things and also hosts my personal blog and one other site. Apache, the web server software, allows you create a "virtual host" so when someone types in for example or they go to the correct page even though both websites are on the same server. So, likely tomorrow I will "pull the plug" on Squarspace and point the DNS to my webserver and purchase a SSL certificate and things should be theory anyway. Plus I think the theme I got in wordpress looks better than what Squarespace has provided.

edit: my first website was on tripod....not sure if anyone remembers them. They're kind of like Geocities. Then I had a forum of sorts....

Yeah, I did all that crap like in Microsoft Word or FrontPage or whatever it was, looked awful. I did briefly (1 year) have gayforums a few years ago but at the time I didn't have the money to really do it justice and I can tell you starting a new forum is going to be difficult for anyone. So, now I just do my blog which I seldom ever update. So, we'll see how this podcast stuff goes.
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