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Spit? Swallow? Or just stand back?!
This is a very funny subject to me!When you guys give bjs do you drink the guy's cum or do you spit it?Or maybe just like me,you stand back & let him erupt on his own?I'm not brave enough to taste my own cum so I doubt I'd ever let a guy shoot in my mouth!
i tried all three but quickly realized i'm the "stand back" type Smile
omg i just gota lick it all up, swallow it all, share with him - waste not want not! its great stuff!!:biggrin:
I use it as salad dressing when I've ran out of the other stuff.

I wish i was from the ones that already HAD the chance to do this...
but if you ask me now, i wouldn't swallow it... =S it depends on how wildly horny i am in that moment
Hahaha well this is an interesting post Tongue3 but i have to say i hate wasting the good stuff :biggrin:
salad dressing Serfdom.....really?????
I would have to agree with drocko, I wouldn't swallow anything unless I were really horny at the time
Definitely swallow! Bottoms up!

Seriously though, protein builds muscle ;D
i have nothing against the act itself, i just don't like the texture and feel of semen in my mouth, makes me want to throw up... can't pretend i haven't tried though. never say "no" until you know what you're dealing with, no?

so i'll just enjoy the show, thank you very much Smile

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