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Star Trek
Any one into any of the star treks and whats your favourite series?

I love Voyager, thats my fav series and i watch deep space nine, the next generation and enterprise!

My favourite character suprise suprise is Captain Kathyn Janeway!:biggrin:
same 4 me, Voyager and captin Janeway. Do watch the deep space nine and next genration if they happen to be on. Having said that ive nto watched any for ages!
same here, i watched it all the time when i was at the my dads, but now im living at my aunts i havent watched it in over a month, and ds9, i havent watched that in years lol
It's all very addictive. Can't make up my mind which series I prefer, but I really like Chakotay and Seven of Nine from STV.

However if I had a fairy godmother I might just ask if she could fix it for Jean-Luc Picard to read romantic poetry to me ... the very thought makes my core go into meltdown Rolleyes
I love DS9. Just always seemed to be a little darker. And anything with The Borg.
Yeah the Borg, although i did really like the Deep space story line with the Dominion! That was the like the most thrilling storyline yet!
Great memory's they just do not make them like they use to!
How true, enterprise sort of ruined it for me... i still love the series though Big Grin
I'm a trekie to an extent, I(my Family-pearents) own every episode and film of Star Trek EVER, exept for Enterprise, for obvious reasons.Wink
I have seen most of the episodes. I perticualy like the Original and Voyger serise.:biggrin:
I've seen the least of DS9 which is a shame.:frown:
I like most of the characters in the original and Voyger series Which is probably why I like those series so much, My favorite enemy are the borg.(obviously:tongueSmile

I was starting to think i was alone in my Trekie ways! Live long and prosper guys!(Sorry couldn't resist!:tongue: )
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
PA and I went into Geneva to see the new Star Trek film yesterday. OMG it's a must see. I think I could become Zachary Quinto's stalker without needing much persuasion ... :redface:

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