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Still Single!!
Been almost a year since my ex and I split. I have been loving every second of this time and look forward to a lot more!:biggrin:
I like that, it's nice to see someone else who isn't in a hurry to get into another relationship. Only three months single for me this go but, I'm thinking I might just stay that way. Single does have it's advantages Smile
cue music "all the single ladies"
/dances vigorously/
Supernaut Wrote:Been almost a year since my ex and I split. I have been loving every second of this time and look forward to a lot more!:biggrin:

VERY refreshing.........thanks for sharing it!

I loved every second of my time when I was single as well and as a matter of fact I cant' remember a single moment when I ever said to myself "gee...I wish I could meet someone and have a relationship" it turns the key to having a good one eventually:biggrin:
I know im due to have a party like a divorce party celebrating splitting with mine and welcoming my freedom and independance back..

Kindesty regards

zeon x
I never used to liek relationships (I'm not particularly great at them) but they do give you a guarantee of a cuddle at night. Obviously it sucks when you spot a guy but cant do anything because you have a partner!:mad:
the first half of my life i was never in a relationship but now the 2nd half almost continuously have someone around.

being alone
-use it or loose it; you become devoid of emotion and withdrawn into your self sexually. Your still function in life but its like a black and white movie. How much joy does a new iPhone give you compared to a husbands kiss on your chest?
-sooner or later it becomes evident you dont live forever. Most people dont want to die alone. sorta selfish tho.
-with the RIGHT partner you can accomplish a lot more in both lives

With the WRONG relationship you feel like you broke something. Its your fault. Its frustrating because men like to fix things and there are not just enough parts to make a whole. suicidal destructive
I don't agree Pellaz. there is a lot of joy to be found that has nothing to do with having a partner, or a new iPhone either one. Going swimming in the river, going for a walk, or even a drive in the woods, helping a friends or, just making them smile. A good book, staying in bed til noon just because you want to. If you're single you go where you want and do what you want at your own pace, you aren't hurrying or waiting for anyone. And that's only a few of them.

I'd rather die alone. Then no one I might care about will have to pay for the funeral or deal with what's left of my life. I've got who gets what set in my will, with the stipulation that cash and investments be used to pay any remaining bills and, if my body is found, it goes to science, or any other free disposal method available. (I have plans to minimize the chance of being found, but that assumes I see the end coming and have a few hours I can still function left when I do.)

Again, no, unless you mean they get more because I bust my tail and do it for them. Not that I mind, that's who I am and what I do, I enjoy taking care of others but, for sheer personal advancement on any front, I'm going to get it done faster if I'm single and can pour all of my resources, time and energy into me.

I can fix things and, I can fix me. I can even tell you how to fix you but, only you can fix you. I learned that a long time ago, and, if I end up with someone that refuses to make any effort, they can GTFO of my life. I'll get mad and depressed and run the gamut of emotions for a week or two, then I'll get off my pity party, untangle the knots and fix me, then get on with making me better. Always room for improvements on some level of out lives.
I think Blue and I are the same person!! Anyhow, I agree 100% with your post Blue and feel the same.
:biggrin: Not unless I got 12 years younger and was teleported to California.

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