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Streched Ears Hot or Not?
what are your opinions on gaged ears?

im not talking about the Huge ones just like 2g or somthing

im at 6 gage right now Confusedmile:
It depends on the person and the shape of the ear. I think in some case it looks kind of hot.

However, I rather my partner not doing anything with his ear. One small piercing is maximum. Big Grin It 's because I like to bite his ear and I don't like to get choked because of swallowing ear ring1
I think it can look good on most guys, but when you do get tired of them and take them out for good you'll be left with a noticable scar or dimple (nothing freakish, but still visable). I had 4 ga for awhile, then I went down to smaller gages before I just took them out for good a couple of years ago.
Cant say I am fan, though some look quite cool Tongue
not really a fan - i think the time has passed for them as too many people have them, bit like the tatto from dusk till dawn - was awesome at first but when 10 guys have them in the gym at anyone time then it looses the effect for me
Yeah I'm particularly not fan of stretched ears. It may depend on the person.
I don't like it in most people but the guy at the liquor store looks hot with his!
A small gauge, yes. But anything atrociously big, no. and even a regular earring is very nice too.
I'm not a fan. At all.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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