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I ran into a guy last week that I used to know years ago. Actually we sang in a church choir about 10 years ago. Anyway, we were both a bit shocked to see each other at a gay club. Needles to say, I was actually relieved to see him because I was alone. I ended up hanging out with him and his two friends. At the end of the night, he was a listening ear. I explained to him what I was going through as far as sexuality is concerned. I felt like I got a lot off of my chest. He told me that I need a support system around. We exchanged numbers and went on. Last night he se sent me a text that he and his partner want me to come over tomorrow. I accepted. However, as always, I start questioning or worrying or thinking "maybe they are drug addicts." I know it sounds crazy, but I have always had trust issues. It takes me so long to open up. This might explain why I have not really been in a relationship in my adult life. Does anyone else have this problem with being paranoid? Should I go tonight? I really want to, but there's part of me that wonders if I should just go to someone's apartment when I haven't seen them for years.
Trust issues, me nah, never. (Now have won the liar of year award? :tongue: ) Yes I have trust issues but, in your situation, I say go. You can leave whenever you need to. A simple "I need to go." Is the only explanation they need to hear.
Friend, think carefully about going to their apartment, because you have just said about drug! If you wait to be open, don't waste it! I am near your age and I am still thinking in that way! You will find someone who think as same as you!
But you are mature to decide to say not if someone give you drugs!
I'm quite paranoid about what you said doesn't sound crazy.

Personally I say its better if you meet in a public place (especially if you are uncomfortable)
As for should you go: do you trust him/them? if yes, then go.
If you don't know them well enough/aren't totally sure you can trust? maybe meet somewhere for dinner or whatever.

Why is everyone so AFRAID of EVERYTHING?

Life is to be LIVED.

So what if they are drug abusers? You show up, they're high, they offer you some of their crap, you decline and leave...big deal. You haven't seen these people for years, who cares what they think? It's not like you're gonna see them tomorrow at work or at church.

Take a CHANCE!
Luck favors the bold.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.
I go with my serves me well.

I have trust issues if I have a reason or a sense to have them but I don't think that is a problem.

If I didn't sense anything was amiss though I would give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the best.
I'm cautious and thus take precautions but I'm not paranoid (at least not without what I consider to be just cause or otherwise "not worth the risk").

I can't say wondering if they're drug addicts would bother me, not unless I feared being robbed (a separate issue). It's kinda like "she might be bulimic." Yeah, it's a bad thing, but it doesn't hurt to move forward (assuming y'all aren't moving in together right away) while remaining aware.
I go by my gut feelings , I would advise you to do the same.
And what brought on the 'they are addicts' to begin with?

Is this just a random fear you have of people, or was there a clue or hint dropped?

Two things that you should worry about.

1. This is a couple looking for a third.

2. This is a couple who have a real interest in providing a 'newbie' a safe place to come out in.

Personally I would be more terrified of the later than the former - because the former you can say 'Ah, No, thanks but I don't do three ways' and leave. The other you have to play nice because they are being nice....:tongue:
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Perhaps send a text and say you found this great place to have coffee and can we meet there first and then head back to your place. Then if you still feel uncomfortable, make an excuse and say you have to go and you will get back to them. DONT go if you do not feel right about it..........

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