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THE CLASS - this could also be in humour
Hello guys and gals... While I was fretting and bored waiting for my mum's hospital results here's what I chanced upon on YouTube... I found the series to be thoroughly enjoyable... Very camp and cute at the same time... I believe it was produced by the same people as Dream On, Veronica's Closet and Friends... Those are recommendations enough! :biggrin:
Here's the first episode starter, you can find all the other episodes in succession on YouTube, just follow the lead. Some of it is a bit cliché but there's a few amusing characters including a very camp husband and a gay male couple.

Wow Sean Maguire has become Americany... haven't seen anything of him for ages
Hello Rikki, nice to see you back again... Who's Sean Maguire (in the series)? How have you been? Happy New Year to you.
Thanks, I have been better. Happy new year!

[Image: Sean-Maguire7.jpg]
OK. Hope you feel well again soon.
Well, Sean Maguire question?
Lol I answered it - I posted his picture
Actually, his picture didn't appear last time I uploaded the page. Thanks... Yes, he's a cute actor. I like him.
He used to be in Eastenders.
Oh!!!! Used he?????
Indeed, he played.........ummm...thingy. Yeeeeeeeeeears ago.
And he was also in some British show about holiday reps or something, but not set in England, but um...........thingy

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