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Testicular pain
Every so often I get a small amount of Testicular pain it last maybe a day or two. Does anyone else have this problem or know what it could be from?
Could be anything from Blue Balls (Lovers Balls) to testicular cancer. If you are concerned see a doctor. Testicles are nothing to play with Smile hehehe
can you feel any growth's on the surface on either Testicle?
call your health insurance and see if you covered for a yearly physical and/or find a local doctor.
Im pretty sure its not cancer because at least once a month I check in the shower to make sure.
just go along to the doctors mate - i whent once and was so embarrased - he just smiled and said , its all part of the human body , no need to be shy,,
There are several possible causes from blue balls, to torsion, inflammation, infection, etc... Your best bet is to see a doctor. Odds are it's something minor and nothing to worry about but, it's better to have a doctor tell you that than to take chances.
JasonBourne Wrote:Im pretty sure its not cancer because at least once a month I check in the shower to make sure.
the cancer may be internal, pain is a possible symptom. Likely all this is not the dreaded cancer but an infection or injury. If an infection; nice not to give it to someone else.
Testicular cancer symptoms
Please go and check this out asap.
Rainbowmum Wrote:Please go and check this out asap.

Please come back and educate us all on your experience and outcome seeking resolution! Do you have any association between sex and the pain? Are there any patterns at all? The doc should want to know this kind of stuff and simple lab tests can rule out any scary stuff.

Hope you end having to have them rubbed with strategic and varying degrees of technique and thoroughness!! Xyxthumbs
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JasonBourne Wrote:Every so often I get a small amount of Testicular pain it last maybe a day or two. Does anyone else have this problem or know what it could be from?

Actually insufficient data to parse a reasonable singular diagnoses upon.

I have had occasional testicular pain in the past, always connected with prostate 'bloatiness' due to prostate infections.

When it acts up I go to doctor, get antibiotics take those and the doctor suggested I 'relieve stress' a bit more often - meaning either I get my partner to do his 'chores' or take matters to hand and clear the plumbing. :o

The prostate is the place were seminal fluid (like pre-ejaculate) comes from. So it is connected to the plumbing down there and can have an effect on how the testicles act react.

Hernia, ever go to the doctor and s/he tells you to drop the pants, turn your head and cough while they fondle your testicles? They are looking for a hernia. These hernias are often not very painful in most cases and often the patient isn't even aware, thus the doctor may find one when the patient is clueless. However a bit of activity, running, jogging, swimming, or lifting and carrying a few things can cause it to flare up a bit and make its presence known.

Torsion is another possibility. The testicles in the sack are kind of free to move about (in the sack) and the plumbing can get bunched up or even tied. If it gets tied you have an ER visit. Torsion doens't have to be severe tying, just a bit of swivel in the wrong direction while doing something like walking up a flight of stairs can result in occasional soreness down yonder.

Men actually do get 'blue balls' (Love balls) as someone else mentioned. If you are not getting enough relief, things can get blocked up a bit down there. The 'fix' is more release - either getting a more active partner or taking matters to hand and dealing with it on your own.

There are other things this could be.

In any case, if it is concerning enough for you to ask in a forum, then it is concern enough to visit your doctor soonest and ask him/her. The Dr will most likely want to look for a hernia - though they won't be using their eyes - you know turn your head and cough.

Then they will run a few tests to rule out viral infections (a plethora) and if they find none of those and your history doesn't reveal any activity that may cause torsion/injury they may throw you on a broad spectrum antibiotic to see what that does.

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