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The Flag
In case anyone missed it - which obviously I did as this is a week old ... doesn't matter what you think of Hillary - just a side note though Hillary - if the flag touches the ground ... you're supposed to have it burned .. not stand it back up!

Yeah I heard about that ... not the incident, but about you guys in the States having some seriously hardcore rules about the US flag ... insofar as if it touches the ground, you're supposed to burn it ...

... immediately ? I think ??

Isn't that a license to commit arson technically ??


Pretty [[email protected]][email protected][/email] rule though !!

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Actually, I don't think it has to be burned anymore....some rule they changed a while back. It used to be so, but after some really well spent tax dollars (good lord), they changed it...I think.

Darfur anyone?
The correct way to dispose of a US flag is as follows
The field (stars) should be cut out of the flag and buried, then the rest of the flag should be burned. This is how an officer surrenduring a post is supposed to dispose of the post flag. But he's also supposed to kill himslef afterward so I would recommend not doing that step.
ok - I just researched a bit further - I stand corrected - they could have washed it and put it back up - but you don't just pick it back up - and if it were undisplayable even if washed - it is supposed to be folded in military style and burned ...

but nonetheless .. the video was funny!
Yes, the rule was handed down from Jackie Onassis. When she lived in the White House, she had the same rule for her clothing. Wear it once and then burn it.

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