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The "Ignore" Option...
[COLOR="Blue"]I noticed there's an "Ignore" option on people's profiles. If I chose that, would it make the person not see my posts, or is it vice versa

(I'm not about to ignore any of you guys. Just wondering, because in another forum I go to, it just doesn't show the ignored person's posts.)[/COLOR]
I dont really know..I have never used it so I am not sure how it works (actually I didn't even know it was there). I know on another board I ignore three people and the way the feature works there is that I do not see their posts unless someone quotes them.....not sure if this is the same?
The 'ignore' option blocks out the person you ignore's messages.

Not 100% if they can see yours though...I have only every ignore 1 person...but I am too wonderful to be ignored so I can't comment from that perspective.
The ignored person can´t see your posts and you can´t see posts of the ignored person can see only a notice that you can´t see this post because the person is on your ignore list....
but if you are not logged in.... the ignore button don´t work...
It works great, I like the ignore button :-) But I use the button only because I don´t want to see the ignored persons posts.... if the ignored person can or can not see my posts or not I don´t care
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Thanks guys!
I hope that people can't tell you've put them on Ignore. I typically use it either because a person always babbles and makes no sense (and yet I somehow find myself trying in vain to understand them until I put them on Ignore as a mercy to myself) or because they bring out the worst in me (though not always their own fault--like one guy I put on Ignore irks me real bad because he reminds me of how I used to be and that made me cringe as well as get bitchy with him). In most cases I don't want to hurt their feelings. If I put a person on Ignore and they know it as a result then in most cases I don't want to do it!

Is it normal for them to KNOW you've put them on Ignore? :confused:
I would only use the ignore button on someone who i hated and hate is a very strong word. I beleive in forgive and forget however i find that ignoring someone because you clash isnt healthy and talking to the individual and working together to resolve any differences is better

kindest regards

zeon x
I didn't even know there was an ignore button on here, is anyone reading me...! lol

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I echo Almac.

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