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The Juno Game
This is a little game me and my friends made up after throwing the word Juno (like tha movie Juno) into a madlib.

So we started throwing the word Juno into movie/book/game/show titles for comedic effect

A few of the ones we cam up with include:

-Juno VS Predator


-Underworld :Rise of the Juno

-Juno Libre

-Transformers: Revenge of the Juno

-Chronicles of narnia "the lion the witch and the Juno

Got any more :biggrin: ?
night of the living juno
Juno what I think?
I think it's funny, Juno...Confusedmile:
Juno's labyrinth
Juno's Speech
Saturday Night Juno
Juno a gogo
how about juno king
Juno and the Goblet of fire

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