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The Rosie Show
Trump is just wealthy trash.
I'm not a fan of Rosie O'Donnel either. I found it hard to keep watching her after she went off on Tom Selleck on her show, faked her orgasmic love for Tom Cruise, declared her anti-gun stance, and her habit of yelling intsead of discussing topics.
I hate Rosie.
However I'm really surprised that so many people agree with me on a gay forum?
Not that I thought all gay people would be into her, but I don't even see one staunch defender.
It begs the question: Who are her fans?
I too do not like Rosie, she's so offensive, it's all about LGBT rights, but when it comes to other people with other issues, the woman has no tact. I clearly remember the "ching chong" joke she made about Asian people when she was on the view.

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