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The people you hate on gayspeak
You can vote anonymously, so plz don't lie :biggrin:
No need to vote anonymously because I don't hate anyone here. I disagree, don't care for the opinions of some, think some need to grow up, others need to get busy fixing things, stop being so insecure, etc... but it's all just my opinion and, I honestly don't hate anyone here.

Really I don't know anyone here well enough to hate them, except a couple that are already my friends.
What is the point of this poll?
GossamerMoon Wrote:What is the point of this poll?

Ditto. The Point?
No option to vote for myself.

...Just kiddin' I loves everyone. :3

East Wrote:Ditto. The Point?

it's for teh lulz!!

well, i think we had enough fun. Mod plz close this thread, thanks Smile
Are you bored ?:biggrin:

Thank you for the laugh cheeky thing.
No, leave it open...I want more to vote for Trynewthing...because I love everyone else.

Especially Andy.


No harm in a little fun Wink
like blue said i dont hate anyone on this site.i try not to hate anyone because when someone says something that i completely disagree on i try to see it from thier point of view and realize where they are coming from

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