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The person below me!
Australia Wrote:Your right to call others wierd is hereby retracted.

And your spelling isn't exactly above reproach now, is it?? If you don't have anything constructive to say and all that... I'd already admitted that my phobias are weird. Indeed, the very NATURE of a phobia is that it is irrational, no??
I was just joking around. Way to bring the seriousnessness.

Edit: oh and that's called a typo. Next time I'll be MUCH more careful.
sox-and-the-city Wrote:The person below me can't speak french, so they let the funky music do the talking...

True...i can manage a couple words tho...and false!

The person below me is double-jointed!

double-jointed right and you love it. the person below me is lost.
Well I know where I am. If you meant spiritually, well not really. So either way False.

The person below me has had a crush on a school teacher.
True, I backed to a ford puma two years ago and I ended up paying out £350 just for the right head light..

The person below me has lick a metal poll and got their tongue stuck to it..
False Love nuts if they are warm and attachedRolleyes
the person below me is a hunk.Xyxwave
Not sure am I lol?

The person below me knows the truth
That be me right.Rolleyes
The person below me is a drama QUEEN.Remybussi
True lol!

The person below me is scared of being who they really want to be...

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