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The person below me!
Lol I think you have to be closer to my 20-30 to count as a chimney...

False, rarely eat either, much to my chagrin.

The person below me is multilingual.

Ky xx
See how unfair they are to me?Munky


Not that multilingual ,3 languages including my mother tongue.

The person below me picks his nose!
Lol I know, it's terrible, get them told!

Heh 3 languages including mother tongue makes ya multilingual. XD

False, eww!! Haha

The person below me farts in public.

Ky xx
True, what else can you do lol!

The person below unknowingly eats cats and dogs....
Lol urm...hold it in? Burst? Haha

False, I'm abosolutely certain that my diet contains neither cat nor dog.

The person below me eats cheese as a snack.

Ky xx
False, i dont have snacks.

The person below doesnt know how to boil an egg.
Haha! Shameful...

True, hate eggs. Bleh!

The person below me has been arrested.

True, when I was 14 I got arrested for hitting another lad. oops lol!

The person below me took over 4 goes at passing their driving test....
LOL that's a false, as you're working under the assumption I've passed my driving test - not even sat it yet. o.O

The person below me has drunkenly sang I Will Survive in front of people.

Ky xx
False but i have sung Amy Grants Big Yellow Taxi infront of people....loads of em too :redface: and drunkenly was there too!

The person below me is allergic too nuts! :tongue:

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