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The person below me!
princealbertofb Wrote:The person below me fell off a horse and never got back on it... :eekSad ??? )

psychologically or physically???

physically NO Scatter

The person below me never believed in Santa.
Ho ho ho!!! Didn't I?


The person below me smokes pot
princealbertofb Wrote:Ho ho ho!!! Didn't I?


The person below me smokes pot

Um, the person above me really didnt answer the question did they???

Just started back to smoking with a vengeance, not really, Party but YES Party

The person below me sings Christmas songs all day long!
Nope, working in retail soundly ruins Christmas for you, no questions asked...

The person below me agrees that Gladys Knight was the REAL queen of Motown.
False that title should go to Diana Ross!

The person below me rides a motorbike!

The person below me hit me ='(

lolz. x
False, would never do that lol....

The person below me loves to party all night long

The person below me is straight =O

but they'll deny it xD
Cheeky sod lol!

False I'm bi not straight or gay, wish I was one or the other though, not bisexual as its a pain in the ass at times lol!

The person below me owns a copy of Star Trek First Contact..
You Denied It.


I don't like star trek but my brother has it, does that count?

The person below me is gorgeous =)

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