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The person below me!
Hell no, i'd never have the confidence to do that EVER. When clothed i pose irrespective of the presence of a camera, even when i'm crying drunkenly...

The person below me worries that maybe all the doom mongers might be right.
sox-and-the-city Wrote:The person below me worries that maybe all the doom mongers might be right.

They might be right but I am not worried so FALSE...

The person below me has done a good deed this week.

The person below me has a secet crush on Trevor McDonald.
... how did you know that !?!?! Who TOLD you that !?!?!

Nah, can't say he does anything for me to be honest ...

The person below me likes to have a combination of an ice-cold glass of milk, and chilled chocolate from the fridge.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Nah. I prefer OJ, i do.

The person below me bites their nails.
True :eek::redface:

The person below me is scared of moths.
False, now if you'd said spiders...

Sox btw, was an inane parade of sloane rangers and hooray henry's of the worst kind, conversation a big willy-waving contest and very little in the way of suitable music, food, entertainment or even copious alcohol to distract from the lack of the first three. Like going to hell with a cocktail. (That could, indeed, be my afterlife...)

The person below me regularly shouts at inanimate objects (such as laptop, phone, tv)?

Ky xx
True i've even been knowin to resort to violence! :biggrin:

The person below me has a ton of housework to get through today :frown:

Work on the house preparing for Christmas gatherings of my own, so technically true. >_<

The person below me has an offensive weapon in his trousers?

Ky xx
False if ya mean the blade i packin Roflmaoit fell out weeks ago...on the other hand...

The person below has turkey troubles Roflmao


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