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The person below me!
Lmao inside info, matey! True.

The person below me is currently drinking coffee?

(Idk, j/w really)

Ky xx
False (hot chocolate and Baileys)

The person below me is wearing novelty slippers.
Nope. Slipper socks ftw!!

The person below me thinks denim is WELL a better invention than sliced bread.
Confusedmile: no. I love sliced bread :biggrin:.

The person below me smokes.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
NOT ANYMORE!!!!! Oh it feels SO GOOD to be able to say that!! Hooray for judgement!!

The person below me likes cinnamon.
True! I love cinnamon buns especially!

The person below me is really tired, and their eyesight is rather blurry at the moment.

The person below me reads a daily newspaper!

True! I read The Times and The Guardian (mostly for work - honest!)

The person below me is a closet Strictly Come Dancing fan.
False, i like it and there's no closeting or other forms of concealment going on lol

The person below me is going to write my essay on German expressionist poetry for me WinkWink
True (providing you write mine on William Wilberforce's concept of Real Christianity compared with the practised Christianity of late Enlightenment British society). It's making my brain melt :frown:

The person below me is craving steak and chips

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