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The person below me!
Bexifer Wrote:The person below me is craving steak and chips

False. I had fish and potatoes last nite but rarely eat steak.

The person below me is getting bored with their insane matey!

The person below me is listening to Aqua.
Hell No! Roflmao

The person below me needs another beer!

Phil! Wrote:Hell No!Roflmao

But secretly you were, right??:tongue::tongue:

Gonna have to go with your answer on that one hon, can you IMAGINE me with a beer?? Cider and i'm there, but beer = nut.

The person below me actually has coffee table books.
Not siree Aqua = uncontrolled vomitin and bashin of head against wall....and false no coffee table books here...ima not cultured!

The person below me is up way past a reasonable hour!

Depends what you're talking about. "Still up" or "Just up"? ... in any case, probably right.... Although I've been keeping more reasonable going to bed hours lately.

The person below me likes dark chocolate more than milk chocolate.
False. I love milk chocolate but hate dark chocolate.

The person below me loves Marmite
Extremely False!

The person below me eats in bed!


The person below me is picking their nose
Quote:The person below me is picking their nose

At the moment False.

The person below me brushes their teeth more than three times a day.

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