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The person below me!
By S&M you mean sewing and machining, yes?? Ofc i do :biggrin::biggrin:

The person below me loves M&S.
LOL! Ima leave your innocence intact...

True-ish.. mostly true.

The person below me loves Bombay Sapphire?

Woolfe Wrote:LOL! Ima leave your innocence intact...

AWWWWWWWW.... Someone said i was innocent!! Even in jest, i'm still gonna cling to that. hehehehehe

Hell yeah i loves bombay sapphire!! When i can afford it i'm THERE!! Have you got any to share?? Pwease??

The person below me loves a screaming orgasm.
LOL oh go on then, seeing as you asked so nicely.

Actually do at the moment, the gin drinkers have all decided to drink my best bubbly all christmas this year (bastards, you'd think I had a Krug-tree in the garden) so a plethora of Bombay knocking about. XD

True! The person below me loves a Blowjob?

Ky xxx
Get you and your plentiful supply of yummy gin. Not that i can talk, i have a bottle of sloe gin in the fridge and i'm dtermined that somehow i'm gonna be able to keep it till wednesday...

Far as blowjob goes, we talking giving or receiving?? Answer would be yes, and surprisingly not so much, dunno, feels weird. There's a story there....

The person below me likes beign pounced on.
Lol I was actually referring to the cocktail show, but however.

True, muchos true!

The person below me takes painkillers with booze?

*tries to find suitably cringeing smiliey. Fails*

True. I have been known, on occasion, to take paracetamol before a night out if i'm desperately poor. Three pints of cider and you have a wasted night out. I'm sure the more health conscious among us will be horrified by that. It's not like i take codiene or valium with booze, is it??

The person below me takes painkillers sans booze.
Lol very true!

And also, true!

The person below likes Flyleaf?

Yessum i does.

The person below me likes MIA??
As a concept, no, as a musician, can take or leave.

The person below me likes his liquer like his men - hard, strong and hitting all the right buttons?

Ky xxx

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