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The person below me!
lol i was gonna say i'm too gay top work in PR... and then i stopped smokin crack and got on with my life hehe

I wasn't. And i'm definitely not now... You know the word 'no' is used like 70 odd times in that song??

The person below me knows where my flatmate hid that bottle of wine she had a week or so ago and never finished...
LOL! I didn't, ykno...

And yes, liver via stomach.

The person below me smokes Davidoff?

SHE TOLD ME THERE WAS SOME LEFT!!:confused::confused::confused: Boo!!

Doesn't smoke anything anymores. Except the occaisonal joint when with friends...

The person below me has seduced a man wearing only a robe...
Lol I -think- so, yes.

The person below me loves the Muppet Christmas Carol?

Lol you THINK so?? Alrighty...

Course i do. I watch it with my mama every christmas eve, tis like a family tradition. I love how many obscure christmas traditions my family has...

The person below me definitely isn't listening to RESPECT by Aretha and singing into a hairbrush.
sox-and-the-city Wrote:The person below me definitely isn't listening to RESPECT by Aretha and singing into a hairbrush.

Youre right. Had my singing bout yesterday... the world is happy that it is over for the decade.

The person below me is so excited about tomorrow they probably wont sleep at all tonite.
You are right I have to see my Cardiologist .
The person below me is in Love.
Reach for the moon if you miss you will be amoung the stars
False, quite frankly, I'd rather be in jail.

The person below me is already on their third coffee of the day?

Ky xx
Nah i just woke up. And rather than do my housework or even my hair here i am on GS.

The person below me doesn't see anything wrong with having truffles for brunch.
False! i dont do breakfast/lunch or truffles!

The person below me is double-jointed!


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