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The person below me!
Too true....

On Flyleaf tho ask in 15 :tongue:

The person below me is outdoorsy!

True, not -just- for the reasons you think... :tongue:

The person below me has mixed a Mojito before.

Ky xx
False i like me booze pre-mixed!

The person below me prefers love to lust!

Questionable, prefer lust as omniscient, and love as rare, so both and neither.

The person below me has a hairy chest.

(Idk, shh!)
False :tongue:

The person below me is an animal in the sack!

:tongue: Oh hell, very true!

The person below me goes running.
True. Though I really do hate running. Dx

The person below me is a virgin.

The person below me is not Christian.

Ky xx

The person below me is a vegetarian.
False i luz me some meat! Roflmao

The person below me loves storms!


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