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The steriotype game
Gideon Wrote:Being gay means you are automatically and irrevocably attracted to anything and -everything- with a penis...

In addition to this, being gay, natural blond, automatically makes you and untreatable, untrustworthy, massive whore who'd fuck everything that moves. That one I hear it everyday in so many different way.

I've married my man not because he's hot, it's because I'm blond and poor and he's average and rich.

I'm blond, stupid, and I married a black man because I love to be controlled and fucked by huge black dicks.

I could go on forever lol
I do not believe that there are any real "stereotypes" from my perspective anyway. I suppose you could say that gay comes in all manly types. I like being a man and I don't make any excuse for being a man in any form I wish to express it. Think of any man you know and there you have it.........he COULD be gay! He may NOT be gay. He may be masculine but privately submissive with a manlover. He may be feminine but privately more of an alpha or dominate. I believe it boils down to mutual respect and mutual expression, each man expressing himself in an intimate setting. Just be yourself is the bottom line. Be real. Sometimes I can be effeminate but I'm still a man. Other times not so effeminate. Gay or not some people have a need to try and categorize other people even in the gay community. One group feels you aren't gay enough.......another group thinks you are too gay. Some feel if you aren't doing all the things they are doing then you aren't a very good person. Its all symnatics to me. Doesn't mean very much to try and contend with stererotypical. Heck. You might be surprised who is gay and who is not.

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