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The stupid things we do...
Fenris at least your stories show you're an extremely polite person, I'm sure the lamp post and deer appreciated your manners Wink

Waking up and reading these has put me in a good mood for work, we just have to laugh at ourselves sometime :biggrin:
lol i have done some.
like once i walked out across the street during a green light, and of course i saw the green light and knew i wasnt supposed to cross, but i still did anyway lol. goodthing the drivers decided to just curse me out instead of killing me Big Grin

and i once stapled myself with a stapling gun lawlz. and once while putting up christmas lights i nearly just walked off the edge forgetting i was on a ROOF. lets just say the entire block heard me scream, "Oh my god!" while i had one foot over the edge. Good thing i was in soccer and had the balance to keep myself for DYING. LOL.

also worst mistake ever, i called a girl a b*tch- out loud- in front of the entire class. Best pimp slap i ever recieved in my life right there (follwed by a detention). LOL i have so many herp derp moments with speaking too but those are things you'd have to be there for them to be hilarious.
[Image: sdfg_by_cocoaeyes-d6waj25.png]
did a stupid thing today.

It was nice out, I had the windows down, radio up, and was getting into the music.

Got to a stop light, and was waiting, and doing my best "lip synch"....I was doin' it hard.....head was bopping, I was having fun.

Looked at the corner and could see two women watching me and smirking. LOL

This was the song that got to me. LOL

Oh this is fimiliar i do stupid things alot.
I was heading to do laundry in my res hall, and i was texting while walking, so I missed the door to the laundry room, and walked in someone's eles room on accident with laundry in hand :redface:
after answering the work phone all day with "accounting this is xxxx," when i got home and the land line rang, i answered "accounting, this is xxxx"
We were doing a double through the lock and I kicked loose a sidewire instead of a fore-and-aft at the break coupling. Only a fellow river rat would know what that means, but trust me - STUPID!!

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