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The subtle art of not giving a FUCK ...
Hi fam,

It's been a while since my last post and it wasn't a happy one. I know. After the near death experience, somethings have changed ... I started to just not give a fuck but in a good way.. You see, I used to give a fuck about who opposes to me, or who hates me or who cares and who doesn't. Most people say "oh, I don't care what people think of me.. " but really deep down they do and I was one of those people.

However, right now.. I am just focused on me. I have absolutely no time for bullshit or even time to sit and listen to someone complain about this and that. I no longer have time to complain about how bad my life was, or talk to someone and wait for them to feel sorry for me... I used to be that but now, it's different.. I am able to turn things around and turn my whole life around. It's time to grow and leave that past behind. It's time to let go and move forward. I only have time to doing what I love and working on my goals and dreams ...

I am applying to be an Arabic teacher assistant in France. When I get in, I'll pursue my masters and continue my life there. At last, all adversity and struggles are coming to an end. I cannot wait for the day when I receive the E-mail telling me that I got into the program and that I will go to France. It will literally be the best day of my life.

So yeah, All is well... Been happy with my life the picture obviously tells it below haha and I wanted to do an update. How about you? What's going on with you and what's new with you? I'm interested to hear about it ...

on a side note, if there's anyone of you guys that speaks french I could use all the help I can get with my motivational letter that I am currently working on. I just need someone to take a look at it and tell me what they think? Thanks a bunch! <3 <3

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Please tell me more about this art of not giving a fuck.

I think a lot of people say they don't give a fuck but do deep down they do, just the way a lot people are.

I do think I need to care less bout what other people think, I worry about it too much, try to seek approval from people who's opinions don't matter.
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Actually, I think you're giving a fuck all the more intently about the important stuff, and not giving a fuck at all about the unimportant stuff.

Intense experiences where you viscerally feel your aliveness while at the same time knowing how precious, fragile, and short your life is, that sort of experience gets you focused on your priorities. You reflect on your true intentions and take steps toward accomplishing your goals.

So great to hear you will soon be completing the application that is your ticket out! May it be well received.
Camfer Wrote:Actually, I think you're giving a fuck all the more intently about the important stuff, and not giving a fuck at all about the unimportant stuff..

^ This

and it's good that you do.

All the best to you man. Seems like you are taking quite a nice approach on life now. Can't wait to see where it takes you Smile
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I care about what others think, not because it hurts my pride if someone had a problem with me, but
I'd like to know if there was something I was doing that I should change. We all have areas that can use improvement. Relationships with other people is a good way to smooth out our rough edges.

Of course, there are some people that are just not worth bothering with, but my experience has been that there are very few of those I have met.
I think you have a great smile.
well done, this is a life lesson that many learn too late in life, or not at all.
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