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Things gay couple can do, straights can't
I'm glad the topic got some attention, thanks everyone ^^

I must say not having to worry about pregnancy or "that time of month" is just a great advantage lol
I'm lucky I'm gay Rolleyes

gilhooly Wrote:Hey Craig, my dog Riley wasn't to smart.. I often yelled "WHY DIDN'T YOU FLUSH". Riley drank anything when he was thirsty. He would then dry his tongue on my face. My dog died and I don't like talking behind his back. If you see a dog at least close the bathroom door.
I'm really sorry about your dog. I love pets but I promised myself I wouldn't get one. I'm afraid I might get too attached.
OrphanPip Wrote:Earn two male incomes and have higher average purchasing power than straight couples.

On the flipside this is a disadvantage to lesbian couples Sad

marshlander Wrote:Can talk to each other without having to go through a fog of mistranslation.

Not a given. Some men can be very sensetive and over-react to every wrong word. Some women are pretty cool and don't behave like that :biggrin: But yes, in general that does seem to be less of a problem for gay couples
Hi guys! Going back to the toilet seat subject, I'm a Lesbian woman from the UK and if you think about it, wherever you go in public, toilet seats are always down so it's nothing that woman have made the decision about. I can't have a say about all gay men but any gay friends (males) I have whose houses my girlfriend and I go to, all have their toilet seat down and sometimes the lid closed too ~ not a question I have ever put to them but I certainly will be doing next time we call.

If I went to a male friends house and their toilet seat was up, I would most certainly put it back up when I had finished out of respect and because that's the way they have it. Confusedmile:
dfiant Wrote:Gay blokes can fart while watching TV and smile rather than get up and leave the room.

My girlfriend and I do that. I dunno how common it is for others, but it's out there.

I wish I didn't have to endure shopping though. Every time we go grocery shopping, even if it's for just a few things, it takes at least an hour and a half cause she has to walk down every single aisle looking at things and adding more shit to get and then eventually put back and I'm like GOD DAMNIT I JUST WANNA GO HOME
toomuch45 Wrote:im glad i like menConfusedmile:

i'm glad i'm bi, i have virtually unlimeted options:biggrin:
bariuke youre so lucky to be staying in japan. its my dream to visit and eventually live there. we dont have many if any hot springs here in the virginia.

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