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This is my rant for the day
My grandmother thinks homosexuality is a choice. Pardon me while I beat my head against this concrete wall. "Marriage was founded for the sole purpose of procreating" What about a woman who's had ovarian cancer? Does she then lose her right to marry because she can't procreate? If its a choice then go ahead and choose to be with women and prove me wrong. Apparently its all the hormones in foods that causes men to be attracted to men, but what about women being attracted to women? Never once have I seen anything about people injecting animals with testosterone. Why? Because it makes the meat tough. You can't sell tough meat. What the fuck makes you think you have the right to dictate how people live their lives? Even if it was a choice do you REALLY think we would choose to be that way? To deal with all the hate, bigotry, and death threats? And then there's the,"Oh, they just haven't found the right man/woman yet." Are you sexually attracted to lamas? No? Maybe you just haven't found the right lama yet. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING A FUCKING BIGOT. I'm not saying you have to like the idea of two men/women together you just have to treat us like HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS. "Oh, but it's unnatural and unnatural things are bad!" you tweet from your micro computer that you carry around in your clothes while sailing at 30,000 feet, traveling at 500 mph in an airplane. Homosexuality is found in over 1500 different species on this fucking planet. Where as Homophobia is only found in one species. I'm sorry. Which is unnatural again? Because numbers don't lie. How does what someone does in the privacy of their own bedroom or house effect how you live your life and how you get into your "heaven"? Because if God judges on what your merits are and how good you were, your ass is gonna burn. We live in the year 2014. We know that every single human being on this planet was made from atoms. These atoms came from when a star exploded and spewed forth a load of shit into the universe. We are from the same thing. We are all the same, so why the fuck is there this sort of segregation?! What happened to "live and let live"? What happened to "love thy neighbor"? These are all sort of things you preach out loud and you don't follow them. If you don't like the idea of gay sex. Then here's an idea. Here's a secret for you. Don't have gay sex! How about that? Just don't have it. Don't tell other people they can't do it. Don't tell other people they can't get married. Just don't do it yourself. In the words of Tim Minchin, "We are tiny, ignorant, insignificant bits of carbon." and we are. We cling to this rock that buzzes around the sun which is going through the galaxy, and we think we're important and we should judge other people, but we're not. We are the dust of the universe. That's all we are. Why don't we all just get along?

Thank you for listening to my rant good people of GS. Sorry I got so angry at the begining, I just get angry when "Grown-ups" decide they want to hate an entire group. It makes me angry and I think it should make everyone angry.
My response to someone who says that......

So, you got a choice of dying or living? Thats nice that you think you have that kind of power.
But I say your gonna DIE and nobodys gonna remember you, because THATS the way it is.
Mike. Does your granma have any saying in your life?

I would bet not. Pay her no attention. This is going to sound awful but look at it like this:

she ain't got much years left. Let her rant and take her ignorance, bigotry (which I bet were imprinted on her by raising) with her.

With some luck all these people, when they die, they will take these horrid traits with them.

The newer generations are slowly but steaduly being raised and growing much more tolerant.

It may take some time but these kind of talk will be less and less common.

I would if you haven't say to her ALL of which you have said here to her, then turn your back and rid your self of her, meaning you are of legal age, I assume you eitehr have college or job on the horizon.

You can choose cause this indeed IS a choice.: to not adress her again.
Ignorance and intolerance will never die unless people stand up for themselves. Until we educate children that this bile called religion their parents filled their head with is a lie, we will never be free.
It's so hard for me to read this, paragraphs are nice. But because I'm not as asshole I will read and respond Smile.

If hormones in the food are what are causing gay men to occur, simply have your grandmother specify specific hormones, and to explain why gay men have existed before hormones existed in foods (such as many famous painters). Increased hormones are having an impact on infertility rates, but unless your grandmother can prove that infertility = homosexuality she's making urban myths.

Which brings me to the next topic. Saying that marriage is about procreation is saying that couples who are infertile and adopt their children are not morally acceptable or truly married. I know the concept of marriage and procreation is common in many people, especially religious people, it is not correct, and in highschool I recall writing "this is the answer you want to hear and that I want to be marked on, but this is what I actually believe" on several religion tests and exams". Simply put, while infertility could end a marriage in the 1800s, we are not living in this society, and no longer impacts our ability to have and care for children who are in need. Adoption like organ donation is an admirable choice because you are most possibly saving someone's life in doing so.

Please do not let your grandmother infect you with a different kind of hatred. Note that your grandmother is an individual whose mind is probably incapable to adapting to new ways of thinking. While an old dog can learn new tricks, sometimes human beings cannot, as the ability to unlearn prejudice is not an ability everyone posseses. In addition, if her prejudice is religious in nature, she is showing you her own interpretation of religion as dictated by religious leaders, and surprise surprise, if you read the bible you learn that Jesus kind of hated those. Ever wondered why?

So let go of the hate your grandmother may be very reasonable allowing to exist inside of you. If not for her, do it for you. It may perhaps help if you very reasonable request to not talk about such topics, as they make you uncomfortable. As you live through your life, you will develop the ability to decide who stays in it, and if in the future she becomes a source of very negative emotions for you, you do not need to have her in your life.
Why the assumption that it's a choice and a sin hurts:

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