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This is my story...the first its been told!!!
Lonely Wrote:im sorry Sad i didnt think of it that way.. i just wanted him to be happy with who he really are... i really didnt mean to sound inconsiderate... maybe i just couldnt express myself the way i intended to be :'(

no, it's okay. you just stumbled on a pet-peeve of mine.
im sorry, i know you meant well now. :redface:

Pietro's obsession with gold now fills Francesco with revulsion, creating an open confrontation between Francesco and Pietro. Francesco rebuffs offers to take over the family business and throws the textiles out the window. Pietro, frustrated, beats Francesco and humiliates him in front of the city's Bishop and population. Francesco renounces all his worldly possessions and his "noble" family name Bernardone and leaves Assisi naked and free from his past to live an ascetic and simple life as a man of God and nature.

true story i think

id find it hard to do,though-i wouldnt i dont think

he wasnt gay was he? st Francis?
I appreciate all the advice. Yes it will take a little more time. My current plans are to build up a little nest egg first so I can have a backup. I just purchased a new house, so once I build up enough money I will put my house for sale. And once it is sold, I will break the news. That way I will have something to get by with in case the worst happenes.
Xyxthumbs sounds like a solid plan to me. wish i'd been that clever at 21.
Haha thanks. I just don't want to wait too long, u know.
inthecloset Wrote:I am 21 years old, and I am gay. Wow this feels weird because up until this point i've never even told a stranger. I live a pretty good life right now. Everyone thinks i'm straight, just looking for the right girl (is what my mom says). I have a lot of friends (all straight). I own half my dads business. I own my own house. Very close to my parents. I go out and have fun. But I am very lonely...only I know that because i choose to hide it. It sucks, I would love to come out to the world but i am just not ready. I just wish I was straight, have a wife and kids you know. I can only imagine what my parents will say. And
I have very nice things...all paid for by my business. And I am afraid that if i come out, my dad will disown me and then what will i do (financially that is). There is a lot more to it then this and sorry if my context is confusing, this is my first time talking about any of this. Please feel free to give any input and ask any questions. I wouldn't mind a gay cyber friend(s) lol

I can def relate bub. I have always hidden it. Nobody even suspects and just like you my mom thinks i am waiting for the right girl and "the time will come" haha. The only thing I can tell you is that being my almost 30 now. As I look back I think it would have been easier to do in my early 20's. I deffinatly feel like I have lost ten years trying to hide in the closet rather than trying to find some happiness. I really wish you the best of luck.
And as I read more of your post its kinda like we are living the same life. haha. My father makes the same comments when watching tv. lol I also have my harley, snowsled, house and truck for sale and i am looking for a job in a bigger area rather than this small town where everyone knows eachother and you cant even fart without the guy on the other side of town hearing about it. I am going to tell my mom before I leave though. I at least owe her that. I have a letter all typed up and my plan is to tell her and then give her the letter that better explains what I have been dealing with and how I got to where I am on that day. I guess i will leave it up to her if she decides to tell my dad. Its to bad to have to run but I really dont think my freinds and family could handle seeing me with a guy and it would always be alkward and uncomfortable. I didn't mean to steal your post. Just when i read your post it was like a dajavou or however you spell it. haha Good luck to you mister. Let me know if I can help in any way.
Alright, let's take a step back for a sec and look at what I can gather from your posts so far. You own 50 percent of a successful business. You bought a house. You're 21 years old. You've obviously got a lot of stuff figured out. Don't be too hard on yourself, considering you're more successful than most people 20 years your senior.

Every time you are feeling weak and isolated, remind yourself that you own half of a business. And, whatever the circumstances, don't play it down. It doesn't matter how you came about half of the business. The fact is you have it. Dude, you're a badass! And you don't take crap from anybody. You are more familiar with your situation than any of us, so you know what you have to do to be intelligent about achieving happiness while maintaining your lifestyle. Sure, you may envy your friends for their straight relationships and comfort with their own sexuality. Are they the financial success that you are? Anybody who can figure out how to own their own home by the age of 21 can certainly figure out how to come out and find love. Go with confidence and take no crap.
@countryboy. Thanks..for the comments, after hearing you say that you wish you would have done it ten years ago makes me realize theres no use wasting time.

@musicman2229. I think I liked your post the most. You lifted my spirtits and made me laugh. I do live a good life i must admit. I was born into the business so it just comes naturally for me. And yes i do have a lot more than my friends. I would be more content with my life if i had someone to share it with. I don't think i could hide a relationship because my parents live only about 6 blocks away and stop by randomly.

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