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Time... it will not wait.
Okay, earlier today I read an article about this new clock unveiled at Cambridge called the Time Eater (or Chronophage).
Look it up to see what I'm talking about. On the hour the clock makes the sound of a chain dropping into a coffin and the lid shutting, all to remind those around it of their short mortal existance... is that not the most unsettling thing.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how short our lives are. My roommate just lost her grandfather this past week and one of her friend's just lost her mother. Even though I don't really have to worry about death (though its on my mind with the funerals going on), I have been thinking about time and what I plan to do.

I mean I want to be successful and live independently, but I also want to appreciate the trappings of a relationship. I'm not going to jump out tomorrow and try to find someone, but it does have me thinking that my youth is fleeting with each passing day. When will it be time? How will I ever know?

I told myself not to get into a relationship in high school because it would never last. I did the same thing during university. But being 16 and saying that I have lots of time, and now being 23, I realize that 7 years is not that long... heck, its been almost a year since I joined this site and even that time has flown by.

I'm not going to rush, but I want to think more about the now and not the future. Planning for the future just makes me avoid doing things because I don't want to upset the plan. I'm just tired of making plans and having to give my parents, my friends, my teachers an entire 3-4 plan of what I want to do with my life, especially when I get scornful looks if everything doesn't flow as scheduled (ie, like what happened to me in the last year when I left my MA and moved back to New Brunswick). Plus I'm sick of hearing that I'm young and I have lots of time... I don't have lots of time. The time to do things when I'm young is quickly fading. Perhaps its time to take more action and not worry about what will happen 4 years down the road.

What about your time? Do you think you have time? Or is time fleeting by as each day, week, and year march on?

Time... it will not wait... no matter how hard you hold on... it escapes you. (bonus points if you know what I'm referencing Wink ).
In the end, it boils down to two simple choices. Either you do or you don't. You'd think with all the problems in this world, there'd be more answers. It's not fair... but its the way things are. The choice is yours. ~ Zidane Tribal

Hope is comforting, it allows us to accept fate no matter how tragic it may be. ~ Yunalesca

"Απο μακρυά και αγαπημένοι παρά απο κοντά και μαλωμένοι"

There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met ~ Gonzo
Hey Xrimo,

That Chronophage clock looks quite funky... apart from the hourly coffin thing! :eek: LOL

For those that are curious here's a 5 min demo from the inventor...

Yeah, time HAS been flying by lately. This year has gone SOOOO FAST!

I don't feel it has been wasted though... I've acheived quite a lot this year so pretty contented.

Sure, time is passing by but you've got to seize the moment and make stuff happen... If you sit around twiddling your thumbs nothing is going to come and land on your lap! (pardon the pun! :tongueSmile

That's really sad about your friends' relatives! Luckily, noone I know has popped it... I'm always freaked out by death and funerals...

If you think the time is right and you're ready for a relationship... I'd say go for it... Dance2Then it's time for the bf auditions! :biggrin:

Andy xox
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.
Stunning! I am in awe of such clever workmanship Bow

Thanks for posting the YouTube, Andy. Cambridge is only fifty miles away, so I shall have to check it out next time I'm there.

Time goes slowly when I'm looking forward to being with PA and very fast when I am with him, shortening still further the limited we spend together.
Im about the same age you are and I've been thinking about this too. It seems as if the time from 10-18 went extremely slow, then all of a sudden im 22 (almost 23) in what seems like an instant. Id like to ask some of the older people on this board what they think about aging, whats it like and what are the positives and negatives of getting older? What do you miss and what dont you miss about being younger?

Age is just a number. Sometimes I freak out that my brother is almost 30 and that before I know it Ill be there too. But then I realise it doesnt mean anything. How much time youve spent on this planet doesnt really matter, its what youve done with the time you have. And I havent done much so far LOL!
I can almost feel myself aging with each padsing day, it scares me.
Hi All,
I think as time goes by and we get older time doesnt speed up as people say it does its just a case that you get wiser and you have waited years to reach your age and its a shockl to learn how it appears to have arrived so quickly... I personally dont worry about life yeah im 23 nearly 24 but given time i will be 30 then 40 then 50 then 60 and then i may be thinking where do i want the rest of time on earth to go??? Eitherway energy cannot be destroyed and we have loads in us so therefore we cannot really be destroyed even after we die

kindest regards

zeon x
I was actually thinking about this in the car on the way to work (and I didn't know it was on anybody else's mind !!) Confusedmile:.

From the perspective of a 30-year old, I would say that I WISH I had appreciated when I was in my teens, and twenties that life APPEARS to my eye to very much move along in stages.

When I was in my teens I was always striving to be more mature - wiser, smarter, to learn more and take in all I could find ...

... in my twenties it was all (for me) about personal development - trying to work on my self-confidence, going to the gym, bulking-up a bit, trying to find a man, and so on and so forth ...

... but it's now that I'm in my 30's (which I still regard as reasonably young) looking back at my life so far that I appreciate that I STILL feel young enough to be able to do WHATEVER I want with my life, so it doesn't feel when you're standing HERE as though you're an appreciable way through your journey - it DOES, however, feel like I rather missed the point of being younger (for ME, I'm not saying this applies to you) was that I ought to have been doing these things, but not at the expense of ENJOYING myself ... because as you get that little bit older you will find (as I have), I'm sure, that life presents you with opportunities ... not just to learn and to grow and to develop ... but opportunities to expand your business acumen; to try your hand at different lines of work; and to choose which path to walk, as a matter of course.

I'm not one to preach (at least I really HOPE I don't come across as being that way), and I know that everybody is different, but what I would like to try and convey to those of you younger than myself is that whilst it's not my place to tell you what to do, and whilst I do not want AT ALL to come across as in ANY way condescending or patronising ?

I think (I HOPE) you will find, as I have, that as you progress with your lives, life itself helps you to find the right way ... so you don't need to worry TOO much about things when you're younger, as there are opportunities (both good and bad) waiting in the wings to reveal themselves to you as time progresses.

This is the wizened Shadow, signing off.


Bighug everybody xx.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
I think about time all the time. It scares me too because I haven't done much in my life. So boring. I really need to do something about it. And hey I'm not even out of the closet yet. And I'm 21 turning 22 next month! I always tell myself it's not the right time to come out, but when is the right time. I wish I had told everyone I was gay at the moment I found out -_-.
Australia Wrote:Age is just a number. Sometimes I freak out that my brother is almost
I also find that saying OMG is that a grey hair works and also wow your hair line is receeding a lot! Evil_lol .

But I always think of the time, always think of how much I've wasted my life (yet I do nothing about itRoflmao ).
I also think about certain major decisions in my life, that if I choose the other option I wouldn't be who I am today, and then ponder over the idea if that would of been good or bad...
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
I feel that the latter part of my teens I wasted on going out, getting drunk, making lots of mates and memories. And while at a glance it would appear that that was time wasted, to ME, I had fun and I have a whole wall full of photos to prove it. And it's not as though I have had fun at the expense of my education, as I have a bunch of very good grades and am half way through a uni degree.

Now that I've finally found the one I love, I'm starting to think more about life, my future and how they all tie in. I've taken a couple of years out of uni so that while I have the money to do so, I can go on some once-in-a-lifetime trips with my guy to Florida & Australia, for over the next few years, I don't see the opportunities arising so easy, what with the credit crunch taking its toll.

I just can't believe that in 2009 I'll be 23. Most of you are probably thinking "lucky bugger!" etc. but it feels like only yesterday I was at my 18th birthday meal. Time just flies by so fast.
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