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To all my Gs friends, i am gonna become a monk soon
As lately my life doesnt go well and i just realized that i've been always in bad situation.
the bf i love with all my heart just passed away, i got dumped in the worst way, have done obnoxious thing and being a liar to someone...

Since i've been on here, u guys really help me especially, Josh, Gareth, Doug, PA, Timmy and many others that i cant remember their real name since i never asked... and Rikki my disappearing friend too. U guys really help me a lot... but what i am facing right now is too much for me to stand... i am too young to handle it.

I've spent a few days to decide this, and i think becoming a monk (buddhist monk) will help me... i will become a monk as soon as i graduate which means it's in a month.. and i need to tell everybody who my lifes got involved with so far. And u all are those ppl as well.

I wont ever get online again... i need to disappear on internet forever... it's real shame for me as well, i am so depressed to do this... but i can't find any better way. And monk told me it's good if i wanna forget something bad

So i just dont want u guys to forget me, i wont too. If one of u want to come to Thailand. U can visit me here...

So i wont say good bye... cuz it's not farewell.
Take care everyone.
ur friend,
I think that's very brave of you, Scottymorg, to embrace the monkhood... Good luck with that, I hope it brings you peace of mind and joy comtemplating the state of the world and trying to make it a better place through prayer and meditation. Bighug (are monks allowed to hug?)
The monks I knew were exceptional people, even in a crazy war torn land, they stuck to their religion and their faith, trying to help all those in need, buddhist or not, been many years since I was in the middle east, but remember many things with thanks rather than regrets, your young yet friend, be sure the path before you is the one you need to take, James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
good luck Scotty best wishes for your future
good luck becoming a monk i wish the best for you
Hopefully you can find a sense of yourself Scotty. While speaking to you, I think it would do you good to find solitude and let yourself grow without relying on the internet or a boyfriend you can never actually touch to make you happy.
I know I am coming at your comments with my own personal and cultural viewpoints, but I would have thought that those who felt actively drawn to the contemplative life were more suited to such a life than those who are running away from the rest of the world. I hope you are not just storing up more difficulties for yourself.

Best wishes.
sorry to hear your having a tough time, hope all goes well in the futuer and good look in becoming a monk!
Good luck in your future endeavors, Scotty. That's quite a decision you made and I hope everything works out for ya.
For me it is forbidden to judge a decision like yours.
But I really hope your decision is a decision from your heart.... not only because you are depressed.... you know that there is the option of a retreat in the most buddhistic temples ?

May the light of the great goddess be always on your way ...

namasté _()_

da fen

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