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Trump Picks Antigay Activist Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

Ouch. Must be horrible for the gay people over there now.
One step closer to civil war over there I guess.
It sounds like a completely crazy choice. It's almost as if Trump WANTS to be impeached..
Only if you read one sided articles...

Quote:However, a top official from Equality Michigan, a gay rights group from DeVos' home state, believes her personal views aren’t accurately reflected by her family’s past donations and expresses hope she will protect LGBT kids — while also noting plans to watch her actions.

Quote:Advocates point to one DeVos relationship that they say gives them hope for how she may approach LGBT issues: Greg McNeilly, a political adviser to DeVos and the chief operating officer of the DeVos family’s company Windquest Group, is gay and was one of the first to marry his same-sex partner in Michigan after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. McNeilly declined to comment for this story.

Stephanie White, executive director of Equality Michigan, said she believes that with McNeilly as an influence, DeVos’ views on LGBT issues have evolved. She noted that DeVos doesn’t speak out against gay rights, and even called on Dave Agema, a Michigan Republican National Committee member, to step down from the RNC in 2014 after making comments highly critical of gays.

“She’s shown a capacity to grow in her understanding of LGBT issues,” White said.
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE

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